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Why companies should care about civic engagement

Why companies should care about civic engagement - cover-min
As we approach another election year, companies have a unique opportunity to champion civic engagement within their organizations. Engaging in civic activities fosters a workplace environment that prioritizes social responsibility, individual wellbeing, and employee involvement while empowering communities. Civic engagement can be pursued in a nonpartisan way that allows employees to feel informed, involved, and connected with their communities. 

Supporting causes passionately brings people together and allows them to feel civically engaged. One positive way to navigate the charged atmosphere of an election year is by engaging more deeply in community activities and volunteerism. Getting involved in local initiatives and community betterment projects helps individuals feel more connected to their neighbors. Volunteerism promotes a sense of common purpose, offering opportunities to strengthen communities and foster unity. 

Why is civic engagement important? The benefits for companies

Why companies should care about civic engagement - 1-min

Civic engagement activities can have a significant impact on companies, benefiting the brand, employees, and the overall community.


Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction

Employees who perceive their employers as committed to social and civic causes are likely to feel more satisfied, less stressed, and more engaged at work. This engagement translates into higher productivity and lower employee turnover.

Improved public image

Companies that are actively involved in civic matters often enjoy a positive public image. This can lead to increased brand loyalty among consumers who value corporate responsibility.

Networking and partnerships

Engaging in community activities can lead to new business relationships and collaborations with other organizations, including local government agencies and nonprofits.

Employee skill development

Volunteering provides employees with opportunities to develop skills outside their regular job roles, which can be beneficial for their professional growth and the company's internal talent pool.

Foster collaboration and unity

Volunteering creates a common ground, bringing employees together through a common goal of giving back to communities.

How companies can encourage civic engagement

Why companies should care about civic engagement - 2-min

Leave no uncertainty–provide employees with the time and space to vote in local and national elections, volunteer, and get engaged with their communities.

Support personal volunteerism

Companies should encourage and facilitate employees to volunteer for the causes and communities they care about. This could include healthcare, housing, education, and local environmental issues. By supporting causes that matter to their staff, businesses can ensure higher participation rates and more meaningful volunteer experiences.

Organize giving days and volunteer events

Setting aside specific days for volunteering can significantly boost employee participation in civic activities. These events can be organized around significant dates on the calendar such as national or global days of service.

Promote nonprofit board service and community activities

Encourage senior employees to take up roles on nonprofit boards. This involvement can help bridge the gap between corporate operations and community needs, fostering a greater understanding and cooperation between the two.

Support employee-led initiatives and employee resource groups (ERGs)

ERGs are a great way to promote civic engagement through organized, employee-led initiatives. Supporting these can help tailor the company’s civic engagement efforts to the passions and interests of its employees, making the initiatives more impactful.

Facilitate donations to causes

Businesses can allocate funds for employees to donate to their chosen causes. This not only supports the community but also empowers employees to contribute to the causes they are passionate about.

How to leverage Catchafire for civic engagement

Catchafire offers a versatile platform where companies can support their employees in volunteering and donating for various causes, particularly during an election year and beyond. 

By volunteering or donating on Catchafire, employees can support a civic engagement project, invest in nonpartisan collaboration, and help nonprofits working in areas such as:

Why companies should care about civic engagement - 3-min


Here’s how companies can leverage Catchafire:

Diverse volunteering options

Catchafire provides opportunities for in-person, hybrid, and virtual volunteering, accommodating individual preferences, skills, and availability.

Support for team projects

The platform enables team projects and company-hosted volunteer events that can enhance team-building and foster a sense of community within the workplace.

Stress reduction and empowerment

By helping employees engage in civic activities, Catchafire can alleviate election-related stress and empower employees to feel that their voices are heard and that they can effect change.


“New Voters is an outstanding example of an enlightened, educated, motivated and organized initiative among America's youth, one that understands and embraces the fundamental principles of democracy on which the United States was formulated. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with them.”

James N., Catchafire volunteer


Support for volunteer days off

Companies can implement paid time off for voting and volunteering, emphasizing the importance of civic participation. On Catchafire, employees have hundreds of open projects at their fingertips; they can apply to a project in minutes and use their company volunteer time to support and engage with different causes, civic engagement organizations, and communities. This participation can be shared across the company to create a community around volunteering. Catchafire provides real-time reporting, testimonials, and impact badges for companies and their employees, allowing them to see and promote their impact publicly.

Unification through service

At a time when societal divisions can be pronounced, Catchafire helps unite people by focusing on common goals and community service.

As employers recognize the tremendous benefits of a workplace where employees feel socially engaged, they can do more to give employees opportunities to get involved. By leveraging platforms like Catchafire, companies can play a critical role in providing their employees with the resources to volunteer and advocate for the causes and communities they care about. As communities are impacted by the election, helping employees volunteer for nonprofits advocating for civic education, fair census counts, and voting rights becomes even more crucial. In this way, businesses not only contribute to the common good but also build more resilient and committed workforces.

By fostering a culture of civic engagement, companies can bridge divides and turn their organizations into powerful forces for societal good, ensuring that their employees are not just workers, but active, engaged citizens.

To learn more about how you can use Catchafire to promote civic engagement and boost your CSR program, request a demo.


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