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10 diversity and inclusion nonprofits you should know


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) organizations are focused on creating a culture that values and celebrates the differences among people, and fighting for equitable practices and opportunities for all communities. There are many organizations and individuals trying to make a change through DEI education, outreach, and advocacy.

Our equitable model ensures that heavily resource-constrained, BIPOC-led organizations have access to the resources they need to serve their communities. Catchafire connects DEI organizations with highly-skilled professional volunteers who provide capacity support on critical projects such as graphic design, HR, finance, IT, fundraising, marketing, and more. Many volunteers report building lasting relationships with nonprofits and becoming ambassadors for their mission as repeat volunteers, donors, advisors, and Board members.

Through their pro bono support, volunteers have an immediate impact in supporting DEI initiatives. With equitable access to talent, overextended nonprofit staff can focus on advancing their mission and programming, improving their work environment and overall community.

About DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion refers to the practices and policies that organizations put into place to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and equitably. DEI initiatives are designed to create a more inclusive environment in which employees from different backgrounds can feel comfortable and appreciated.

There are many different types of diversity, including but not limited to:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Culture


DEI is a critical business strategy that enables organizations to capitalize on the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents of all employees. Inclusion is about welcoming and valuing all individuals, regardless of their differences. It means creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected, and has the opportunity to contribute to their fullest potential.

DEI initiatives are important because they help organizations and professionals to:

  • Address the unique needs of employees from different backgrounds
  • Attract and retain a diverse workforce
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Enhance creativity and innovation
  • Improve workplace productivity and effectiveness
  • Reduce discrimination and harassment
  • Promote employee engagement and satisfaction

10 Diversity and inclusion organizations

Catchafire has a wide variety of diversity and inclusion organizations on the platform. These nonprofit partners are dedicated to advancing equity and opportunities for individuals and communities that have been historically marginalized. Through the provision of professional development, academic opportunities, and inclusive education and programming, these diversity and inclusion organizations provide critical opportunities for underrepresented individuals so that they may thrive in the classroom, the workplace, at home, and in the community.

Here are ten diversity and inclusion organizations on our platform focusing on a wide variety of communities in need of equitable access to opportunities and resources. By volunteering and lending your expertise, you can support these organizations and be part of building a more equitable and just society.

1. Angel City Sports



The mission of Angel City Sports is to create sports opportunities for adults, children, and veterans with physical disabilities or visual impairments. Their goals are to encourage physical activity and demonstrate leadership to strengthen the adaptive sports movement.  In addition to providing free equipment, coaching, and competitive opportunities, Angel City focuses on how every individual can reach their full potential and unlock their dreams through music, art, higher education, and career opportunities.

Apply now to provide Excel training and help Angel City Sports improve their daily data management processes.

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2. Balance Now



Balance Now is an established nonprofit think tank that works towards bringing balance to various aspects of social and economic life through research and public outreach. They use data to analyze and showcase the diversity of leadership in institutions and entities who lead various aspects of our lives, from the content we consume to the products we use to governmental decisions made on our behalf and whether the leadership represents those whom they represent. 

"I absolutely loved working with Shaunty, Misaq, and the team at Balance Now. They are a devoted, smart, and visionary group, up to big things. I found them charming, eager, and thoughtful. Perfect Catchafire clients. Work with them if you can!" -Lizabeth P., Volunteer

Apply now to provide project support on:

  • Organizational strategy
  • Hiring strategy
  • Human resources
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) audit

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3. Diversify Our Narrative



Diversify Our Narrative is a grassroots organization composed of high school and college students who are pushing for long-term education reform in school districts. They aim to diversify the narrative in books, curriculum, educational programming, and teaching in classrooms, with the long-term goal of racial justice and educational equity. The organization fights to be anti-racist and encourage a productive dialogue on race and identity among student bodies through the inclusion of racially diverse, anti-racist texts in schools throughout the United States.

Apply now to volunteer for a one hour consultation call and provide financial advice.

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4. DNPs of Color



DNPs of Color is a nonprofit nursing organization, whose mission is addressing and increasing diversity in doctoral studies, clinical practice, and leadership for nurses. DNP, short for Doctor of Nursing Practice, is the highest level of education for nurses, who have the power to impact positive health outcomes and practices. DNPs of Color aims to increase diversity through participation in networking, mentorship, advocacy, events, and conferences that bring health professionals together.

"It was great working with this team...They completed all the "homework" I requested and followed through. Plus, they were fun!" -Jan H., Volunteer

Apply now to help DNPs of Color advance their mission by volunteering for:

  • Event logistics planning
  • Event slideshow creation
  • Facebook Ads set up
  • Time management coaching
  • Partnership proposal presentation

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5. Mission Reconcile



Mission Reconcile creates spaces for courageous conversations about the recognition of race and the impacts of racism with churches and faith communities to encourage relationships across racial lines. As a faith-based racial reconciliation nonprofit, Mission Reconcile creates collaborative events and communications to advance racial equity, inclusion, and justice.

Amanda volunteered for a one hour organizational strategy call to provide advice on how the organization could develop their first business plan. The call saved Mission Reconcile close to $600, and provided takeaways on how they could proceed.

"I am so thankful to be connected to Amanda and receive her wisdom. She was very helpful beyond my question." -Kahlida L., Founder and President

"My call with Kahlida was an excellent reminder of why I love volunteering with Catchafire! She has developed an exceptional strategy to move her organization forward, has sought wisdom from many different experts on Catchafire, and has worked diligently to put the best advice she received into practice. I admire her leadership skills and am inspired by the work she does through Mission Reconcile. It was an honor to spend an hour talking with her about Mission Reconcile's exciting opportunities and future plans." -Dr. Amanda L., Volunteer

Apply now to work on:

  • Facilitated strategy session
  • Google Ads set up

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6. International Neighbors

International Neighbors_LOGO.png


International Neighbors works to equip refugee neighbors with the network and skills needed to move from surviving to thriving in Charlottesville. The organization assists refugees and SIVs (special immigrant visa holders) as they rebuild their lives and strive toward self-sufficiency by pairing them with local neighbors--volunteers who serve as advocates, friends, and a connection to services in the shared community. Their programming focuses on four key areas: home, health, community, and career.

International Neighbors received financial advice on a consultation call with Leonard, a senior finance professional. This saved the organization close to $500 that they would have spent on a financial consultant instead.

"Working with Leonard was great! I left the call with tangible next steps and felt inspired to jump in right away. Leonard's insight into our organization's circumstances helped me hone in on the priority issues that we need to fix in Operations. I appreciated his clarity, focus, and action-oriented advice." -Rachel V., Director of Operations

"I was impressed with Rachel being very well prepared for the meeting. She had the ability to guide and direct the conversation that made my job easier as a consultant. Rachel provided current work examples, and asked for my advice as to how she should address current work issues." -Leonard C., Volunteer

Apply now to volunteer for projects related to:

  • Time management coaching
  • Mission, vision, and values

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7. Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance



The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA) works to dismantle barriers to ensure people of all ethnic backgrounds have equal access and opportunity to participate fully in the life of the community. LEDA forms a bridge between organizations and individuals throughout Michigan's communities and across the region, helping to educate and engage the community in advancing racial equity. The organization provides a variety of diversity education workshops, events, and conferences to foster change and inclusivity.

As part of a website audit project, Thomas, a volunteer on Catchafire, helped Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance assess whether or not their current website was optimally supporting its mission and goals. He outlined the scope for needed changes and improvements, saving them close to $5,000. They could allocate this money towards providing programming to middle and high school students, teaching them about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how to inspire meaningful change.

"Thomas was prompt, positive, and organized! I trusted him to provide clear, honest insight about the problems on our website, offering specific examples to back it up. I appreciated the spreadsheet he created for our website audit that broke down the issues into actionable items. He asked good questions and offered constructive assistance above and beyond the requirements!" -Chavala Y., Communications Manager

"Chavala was professional, kind, and honest to work with! It was an easy going experience working with Chavala. I got the information I needed in our initial brief to hit the ground running. Going over all the issues with the website was a breeze in our final meeting. Best of luck in making a difference in the world!" -Thomas O., Volunteer

Apply now to help create a website content plan for the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance.

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8. Pawsibilities Vet Med



Pawsibilities Vet Med is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing and diversifying all roles within the veterinary profession by providing mentorship, professional development, and resources to all intersecting identities including but not limited to ability, ethnicity, gender identity, non-traditional paths, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, religion, and veteran status. Their programming focuses on improving the recruitment and retention of underrepresented communities as veterinary professionals. With their collective resources, individuals can develop sustainable relationships with practitioners and professionals in the field, introducing them to new educational resources and professional opportunities.

Apply now to support the organization with:

  • Tech systems review
  • Customer database (CRM) audit

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9. Project Potluck



Project Potluck is a professional community founded by People of Color with a singular mission: to help POC build successful companies and careers in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. The organization brings the community together by providing professional learning and growth opportunities, with the goal of increasing access, visibility, and representation in the CPG industry. Their programming builds relationships and a sense of community through events, networking, and mentorship.

Apply now to support Project Potluck with a social media content calendar.

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10. Spicy Green Book


Spicy Green Book is a virtual directory for Black-owned food and beverage businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Their mission is to empower Black-owned food and drink businesses to compete and thrive in the marketplace. Spicy Green Book provides a wide variety of professional services to Black-owned food and drink business owners. These include online marketing and advertising, content creation, photography and videography, business development education, and more. They do this by getting to know these business owners, understanding their most pressing needs, and fulfilling those needs by pairing them with qualified professional volunteers.

"Spicy Green Book's team is incredibly organized and maintains excellent communication with all their volunteers. I highly recommend future volunteers to help them further develop their impact!" -Joshua R., Volunteer

Joshua helped Spicy Green Book create production-ready apparel and merchandise designs to use for their earned income program, donor and volunteer incentives, and a specific event or milestone. His pro bono support helped save close to $8,000.

Volunteers on Catchafire have helped Spicy Green Book save over $275,000 by providing pro bono project support. Joachim Jake L., a volunteer on Catchafire, says, "The Spicy Green Book does important work for communities and Black-owned restaurants. I'm happy I was able to be of help!"

Apply now to volunteer for the following open projects:

  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Press kit
  • Social media content calendar

Learn More | Volunteer

Discover more diversity and inclusion organizations through Catchafire


Inspired by these incredible missions and want to get involved? Join Catchafire!

Sign up today to volunteer and lend your skills to the critical work of diversity, equity, and inclusion organizations. You can volunteer for one-hour consultation calls or full-length projects based on your availability and skill set. Volunteers can provide support in a wide variety of critical department areas such as marketing, fundraising, finance, IT, HR, graphic design, communications, and more. By volunteering, you support the capacity and responsibility of nonprofit staff, allowing them to focus on their missions and communities. Volunteers can see a direct, tangible impact on the nonprofits they work with, and the communities they serve.

You can read more volunteer impact stories here and visit our blog for more volunteer and nonprofit spotlights.

If you’re a grantmaker and would like to learn more about equipping nonprofits in your community with responsive, high-quality operational support, let’s connect. 

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