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Over $2 million in impact in San Antonio


At Social Venture Partners San Antonio (SVPSA), their mission is clear: cultivate local philanthropists, strengthen nonprofits, and invest in collaborative solutions to build powerful relationships that can tackle their community's most pressing social challenges. They are committed to more than just writing checks, and are dedicated to helping those who aim to do good, do better. Their approach brings together donors, nonprofits, and social enterprises to make a greater collective impact.

SVPSA believes in connecting and engaging individuals to make the greatest impact with their philanthropic giving. By uniting people who share a passion for creating positive change, they are multiplying their efforts and developing meaningful transformations within their community. Their partnership with Catchafire is a testament to this approach, as it allows skilled professionals and volunteers to connect with nonprofit organizations like disABILITYsa and Celebrate Dyslexia, leveraging their expertise to make a lasting difference.

Fund and strengthen nonprofits

Strengthening nonprofits is a vital aspect of SVPSA's mission. They recognize that to address their community's most pressing challenges, they must support and empower the organizations on the front lines. Catchafire has been an invaluable resource in this regard, connecting nonprofits with skilled professionals who offer their expertise and guidance. This support has empowered organizations like disABILITYsa and Celebrate Dyslexia to enhance their capacity and impact, contributing to the betterment of the community.

disABILITYsa: Transforming lives through inclusivity


disABILITYsa is an organization that works to educate, advance, and engage people with disabilities by building connections, exchanging information, creating opportunities, and strengthening the disability community in the Greater San Antonio area. Thanks to SVPSA’s partnership with Catchafire, disABILITYsa saved $2,397 in consulting fees through connecting with volunteer Charisse F. on a graphic design project. Charisse supported critical graphic design needs in areas like designing virtual flyers, program materials, and other branded digital assets.

“Charisse was fantastic to work with. She had the skills needed to do the job and was able to walk me through a lot of information and processes I had no prior experience with,” says Melanie C., Executive Director at disABILITYsa. “We are thrilled with the pieces we have to be able to enhance our outreach and promote our programs more effectively.”

Skilled volunteers on Catchafire have helped create over $129,000 in impact for disABILITYsa in areas such as marketing, web design, and human resources. This is a testament to how skills-based volunteering can drive meaningful change for nonprofit organizations.

Celebrate Dyslexia: Empowering dyslexic learners


Celebrate Dyslexia is a passionate advocate for dyslexic learners and their families, and works to foster a community that celebrates, educates and empowers the 1 in 5 with dyslexia. With the support of SVPSA and Catchafire, Celebrate Dyslexia was able to take their advocacy efforts to a new level through a board operations and systems project with volunteer Christine T.

“Christine had a wealth of knowledge and experience. She took great interest in the cause, and guided me as a new leader to use best practices. Her encouragement and wisdom was greatly appreciated,” said Jasmin D., Executive Director at Celebrate Dyslexia.

Thanks to Catchafire's platform, Celebrate Dyslexia saved $10,298 in consulting fees through Christine T.’s expertise. Volunteers on Catchafire have created a staggering $163,415 in total impact for the organization. Through this work, Celebrate Dyslexia has been able to impact more lives and bring about a greater understanding of dyslexia.

A milestone worth celebrating

SVPSA’s partnership with Catchafire and the remarkable achievement of surpassing $2,142,000 in impact for nonprofit communities would not be possible without the dedicated individuals, donors, grantee partners, and volunteers who have embraced their mission. It's a milestone that embodies the essence of what SVPSA stands for: cultivating local philanthropists, strengthening nonprofits, and investing in collaborative solutions to build a better future for the community.

As they look to the future, they remain committed to the mission. Together, we can continue to connect, fund, and invest in ways that create a positive impact and address the pressing social challenges in San Antonio. We invite you to join us in this journey, as together we can continue to empower and transform the community.

If you’re a grantmaker or company and would like to learn more about equipping nonprofits in your community with responsive, high-quality, and impactful capacity building support, let’s connect. Request a demo.

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