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Over $413,000 in nonprofit support with Obici


At Obici Healthcare Foundation, their unwavering mission is to improve the health status of the people living in their service area. They achieve this through collaboration, partnerships, and funding efforts. Their commitment to this mission drives them to empower and uplift nonprofit organizations and their capacity building work. Today, we are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone in this journey. The Foundation’s partnership with Catchafire has garnered nonprofit partners over $413,000 in capacity-building support. This is a milestone worth celebrating!

Our partnership has helped their nonprofit partners undertake a tenacious journey to develop and thrive. We want to highlight two exceptional nonprofit partners, Nursing Career and Pathways, Inc. (Nursing Cap) and Blakey Weaver Counseling Center, Inc., (Blakey Weaver Center) who have achieved undeniable success. Their staff, board members, and volunteers excel at harnessing the power of Catchafire’s platform, learning tools, and network of pro bono experts. Their achievements are remarkable.

Nursing Careers & Pathways, Inc. (Nursing CAP): Transforming the healthcare workforce, one volunteer at a time



With the help of Catchafire volunteers, Nursing CAP has expanded its reach and achieved incredible cost savings, amounting to over $55,242 in consulting fees. This financial relief has been instrumental in allowing Nursing CAP to allocate more resources to their core mission of the pre-college advancement of Black, Hispanic, Latin(x)(e), and Asian middle and high school students pursuing careers in nursing, science, technology, engineering, and healthcare careers.

One standout example of their success lies in their match with volunteer Matthew S., who took on a major Website Update project. This project saved Nursing CAP a substantial $4,954, allowing the organization to provide educational supplies and healthcare experiences to 15 more program participants for an entire year. Furthermore, it enhanced their online presence, enabling them to effectively share their story, mission, and vision with donors, parents, and students.

“It was a pleasure to work with Matthew on this project. Matthew was very knowledgeable and creative. Our website was completed in three weeks. We cannot thank Matthew enough for all the time, and creativity poured into our website. Our new website is functional, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and most importantly, tells the organization's story,” says Dr. Regina M., Founder and Executive Director at Nursing CAP.

The Catchafire platform has supercharged Nursing CAP’s collaborative work and connected them with passionate volunteers who uplift the organization’s efforts to diversify the healthcare workforce. With each volunteer engagement, Nursing CAP takes another step towards fulfilling their mission and making a significant impact on the community.

Blakey Weaver Counseling Center, Inc. (Blakey Weaver Center): Building strategies to inspire hope and healing


Blakey Weaver Counseling Center, Inc. (Blakey Weaver Center) provides trauma focused mental health counseling, substance use treatment, and supportive services to underserved individuals , families, and communities regardless of their ability to pay. Blakey Weaver Center has leveraged Catchafire to make a substantial impact. Through Catchafire, they have saved over $54,343 in consulting fees.

One standout match was with volunteer Kristin B., who led an Organization Goal Setting project, resulting in savings of $4,927. This cost-saving initiative developed a plan for the organization's growth efforts, allowing them to extend mental health and substance abuse treatment to uninsured and underinsured individuals.

“Kristin’s expertise with our Organization Goal Setting project exceeded our expectations. We greatly benefited from her knowledge and professionalism, and we highly recommend her,” says Dr. Kawanna W., Founder and Executive Director at Blakey Weaver Counseling Center, Inc.

With the support of skilled Catchafire volunteers in web development, social media strategy, and fundraising, Blakey Weaver Center has launched a user-friendly website, expanded their online presence, and raised funds to expand their services.

The impact has been significant. More individuals in need of mental health support have been able to access their services due to the enhanced online presence, making a positive difference in their lives. Catchafire has been instrumental in connecting like-minded volunteers and bringing about real change in the community.

The power of Catchafire: A key to success

Obici Healthcare Foundation applauds the incredible achievements of Nursing CAP and Blakey Weaver Center. These two organizations have exemplified the power of Catchafire in strengthening the capacity and impact of nonprofits. It's through partnerships like these that have enabled Obici Healthcare Foundation to reach our over $413,000 milestone in support of nonprofit organizations.

Their partnership with Catchafire has not only connected volunteers and nonprofits but has also brought about tangible, positive change in their communities. As we celebrate this milestone together, we look forward to supporting even more organizations on their journey to success and impact. Together, we are transforming lives and communities for the better.

As we continue on our path of supporting nonprofits and fostering positive change, we invite you to stay tuned for more remarkable stories of impact from our dedicated partners and their networks.

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