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Introducing donations on Catchafire


At Catchafire, we've always been proud of how our platform allows nonprofits to connect with volunteers that share their missions. We are excited to announce the launch of donations as a new way for nonprofits and volunteers to multiply their impact.

We've developed a user-friendly, secure, and efficient donation feature. This feature means that volunteers and potential donors can support their favorite causes without leaving our site. It simplifies the donation process and encourages more individuals to contribute to the causes they care about.

Why we’ve introduced this feature

We get it - fundraising can be hard. Most nonprofit staff don't join or start a nonprofit because they love fundraising; they get involved to make an impact in the communities they serve. That is why fundraising is one of the top blockers nonprofits face when it comes to achieving their mission.

A report from Giving USA shows that 2022 was one of the worst years for giving in philanthropy history, dropping 10.5% from 2021.* This drop in giving has left many nonprofits struggling, but there is a huge opportunity when it comes to tapping into individual giving.

”We are stronger, healthier, and happier when we are connected to each other. Giving is an important way for each of us to be more connected to both places we love and communities to which we belong. Time and time again, we see that it is the consistent flow of contributions from members of the community that sustain organizations and ensure their impact and longevity.”

Ghazal Badiozmani
CPO, Catchafire


That’s where we want to come in. Catchafire volunteers have already donated over 1.3 million hours of their time to help nonprofits solve their most pressing issues. With our new donation feature, we can now help nonprofits engage these volunteers in a brand new way. Volunteers will now be able to donate both time and resources to the causes they care about.

How it works for nonprofits

Getting started is easy - volunteer managers can simply log in to their account and click on the “Enable now” button on their dashboard.


Nonprofits will then be taken through the quick process of verifying eligibility and setting up their donation account. They will have a donation button on their organization’s Catchafire page where anyone around the world can find their page and donate.

Benefits for nonprofits

The new feature means that Catchafire is a one-stop shop for nonprofit needs - not only can skilled volunteers donate their time, they can also donate their money all in one place.

With an integrated donation platform, nonprofits can now leverage their volunteer base for financial support, furthering their reach and impact.

With our newly redesigned dashboard, nonprofits can view all of their activity in one place. We’ve designed a brand new giving tab where nonprofits can view all of the details of donations made to their organization.


Corporate benefits

Workplace giving programs are associated with employee satisfaction and factor in to retention.

  • 81% of employees say it is important to work for a company that integrates corporate social responsibility into its business practices.**
  • Among Millennials and Gen Z employees, that number rises to 87%.**

Catchafire is now a one-stop shop for CSR programs. Employees can give their time, talent, and money to causes they’re passionate about.

Our reporting feature also allows companies to track and promote their collective impact.

Foundation benefits

Catchafire’s donation feature will allow foundations to support the nonprofits they serve in a whole new way.

By engaging more diverse nonprofits on our platform, we’ll have even more data to provide foundations to help them evaluate their grantmaking strategy and community impact. With our data, foundations can:

  • Build relationships with underserved nonprofits
  • Examine areas where they can invest more money
  • Understand local nonprofit needs and trends

By investing in the growth and potential of community change-makers, grantmakers receive exponential ROI for the communities they are focused on.

Volunteer benefits

Our donations feature gives volunteers the opportunity to amplify their impact in a whole new way. Volunteers can choose how they want to support the causes they care about the most. If a volunteer doesn’t have the time to take on a project, they can contribute with a donation instead.

Get involved

We believe that by simplifying the donation process, we can help nonprofits focus more on their core mission and less on fundraising. We are committed to continually evolving our platform to better serve nonprofits and their supporters.

Get started today! Nonprofits can start collecting donations now by logging into their account and enabling donations on their dashboard. The Catchafire community is ready to help bridge the fundraising gap and take their impact to the next level.

If you are a grantmaker or corporation and would like to learn more about equipping nonprofits in your community with responsive, high-quality, and impactful capacity building support, let’s connect. Request a demo.

*Giving in the workplace from Fidelity Investments, 2022

**Chronicle of Philanthropy’s article “Drop in Giving From 2021 to ‘22 Was Among the Steepest Ever, ‘Giving USA’ Found” by Rasheeda Childress and Emily Haynes, 2023

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