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How can equity be achieved in health care?

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For foundations and grantmakers focused on supporting health nonprofits and community health initiatives, the challenge is not just to fund access to healthcare but to ensure that all aspects contributing to health are addressed. This includes looking at social determinants such as affordable housing, economic mobility, food security, access to quality education, and healthcare itself.

The multi-domain approach to health equity

Creating equity in health care requires access to holistic community support. Improving health outcomes is a complex challenge that does not fit neatly within a single domain. It requires a cross-sectoral approach that acknowledges the interconnectedness of the various social determinants of health. Foundations and grantmakers are uniquely positioned to support initiatives that foster systemic change across these domains. By adopting a broader perspective that goes beyond mere access to healthcare services, philanthropists can play a critical role in shaping healthier communities.

One innovative way to drive this equity approach is through platforms like Catchafire, which provides health nonprofits with access to skilled volunteers and other capacity building resources necessary for enhancing their operations and programming. Catchafire helps nonprofits to not only survive but thrive by building their capacity to meet the holistic, long-term health needs of their communities.


Going beyond the grant with Catchafire

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Traditional grants are invaluable to nonprofits, yet they are not the only means to support the vital work of these organizations. Catchafire exemplifies how non-financial resources can significantly amplify the impact of health nonprofits. By facilitating connections with skilled volunteers, Catchafire helps these organizations advance their programming and strengthen their impact on the social determinants of health.

For instance, a health nonprofit focusing on food security can benefit from volunteer experts in agricultural science or supply chain management to optimize food distribution. Similarly, an organization working towards economic mobility might connect with professionals in finance or job training to enhance their services. This kind of capacity support not only improves the effectiveness of programs but also contributes to the long-term sustainability and resilience of nonprofits.


“I realize now that I would rather take Catchafire over a grant. The projects that I have gotten done have resulted in much more value in comparison to that grant."

Payal S., Founding Executive Director
Saahas for Cause


Ensuring resources for underinvested health nonprofits

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The reality is that many health nonprofits, particularly those in underinvested communities, operate under significant resource constraints. This limits their ability to serve their communities effectively and equitably. Grantmakers have the opportunity to change this dynamic by providing these organizations with the tools they need to build capacity and sustainability.

Through platforms like Catchafire, grantmakers can support health nonprofits not just with funds but with critical operational and strategic resources. This holistic support helps ensure that these nonprofits are not just surviving but are also evolving and expanding their ability to impact community health outcomes.

“Nonprofits need support they can count on. They need support that is flexible and they need tangible assistance to help them tackle their to-dos that often get put on the shelf...Catchafire is something that all funders should invest in.”

Fiona Charles, Program Officer
Obici Healthcare Foundation


Long-term resiliency and sustainability

Capacity building is not just about meeting immediate needs—it's about ensuring long-term resiliency and sustainability. By supporting health nonprofits in strengthening their infrastructure and skills, grantmakers contribute to the creation of more robust health ecosystems. These strengthened nonprofits are better equipped to respond to health crises, adapt to changing community needs, and continuously improve their services.

By addressing the root causes of health disparities such as education, housing, and economic stability, health nonprofits can help forge a pathway to lasting health equity. This improves individual health outcomes while enhancing the overall wellbeing of entire communities.


“The expertise that we gained was not just for a one-time project. Each volunteer left Nursing CAP with a template or product that we will use for years to come. The financial gain is unmeasurable for each project at the present time considering that the advantages of each and every project reaches far into the future of Nursing CAP, and the students whose lives are changed and affected by their experience in the Nursing CAP, Inc. program.”

Toni N., Vice President
Nursing CAP


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Catchafire: A tool for achieving health equity

Catchafire stands out as a strategic tool for health nonprofits aiming to tackle the broad spectrum of issues impacting community health. By matching these organizations with skilled volunteers across various industries, Catchafire allows nonprofits to gain access to expertise that would otherwise be unavailable or unaffordable. This can significantly level the playing field for underresourced nonprofits, enabling them to make a more substantial impact in their communities.

For foundations and grantmakers, partnering with platforms like Catchafire means they can extend their impact far beyond the financial. By facilitating these connections, they help build a more equitable healthcare landscape where every community has the resources it needs to thrive.

Equity in healthcare is more than just a matter of providing medical services; it requires an integrated approach that addresses all factors contributing to health. Foundations and grantmakers play a pivotal role in this endeavor. By supporting health nonprofits with capacity building tools like Catchafire, they can help ensure that these organizations have what they need to create lasting and meaningful change. In doing so, they contribute to building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.

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