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Empowering change: Our journey with GSTLMO


At the St. Louis Community Foundation, their dedication to inspiring purposeful philanthropy and fostering a more equitable and vibrant region guides their every step. They are committed to helping donors create lasting legacies, investing their funds wisely, and taking a leadership role in addressing their community's most pressing needs. This spirit of community building is exemplified through our partnership. Together with the Missouri Foundation for Health, the Greater St. Louis & Missouri (GSTLMO) partnership has provided more than $1 million in capacity-building services to nonprofits at no cost to them.

Good Journey Development Foundation: Fostering sustainable communities


The Good Journey Development Foundation (Good Journey) builds sustainable communities and nurtures young leaders who are passionate about community improvement and cultural understanding. Catchafire has played a crucial role in amplifying their mission, allowing them to save an impressive $38,949 in consulting fees.

Through their collaboration with volunteer, Erica Lorraine M., on a website minor update project, Good Journey Development Foundation not only modernized their website with recent news, accomplishments, and program information, but also achieved a remarkable cost savings of $3,850. This project has streamlined communication of program events, offering an accessible platform for participants and potential contributors to learn about their offerings and engage with their mission. This cost-effective approach has lightened the workload of their staff, allowing them to focus on their core mission.

“It was great working with Erica Lorraine! She made great suggestions beyond the work scope, and provided us with exactly what we needed. I would definitely work with Erica Lorraine again. It was such an efficient process thanks to her work style and skills,” says Dionne, Executive Director at Good Journey.

Circle of Care, St. Louis: Transforming communities


Circle of Care, St. Louis promotes the well-being of all older adults and adults with disabilities, making life a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience. They strive to influence the way people think about aging and the valuable contribution older people make to society.

Catchafire volunteers have played an invaluable role in their mission, collectively saving the Circle of Care, St. Louis $28,394. Their collaboration with volunteer Andrea Mie H., on a website project enhanced their outreach efforts and resulted in substantial savings of $552. This project has allowed them to convey their key messages with clarity and vibrancy through customized visual design details. It has expanded their reach, helping them create a website that included animation, video hosting, content development, and advice on the strategic way forward.

“Andrea is truly amazing. She captured the spirit and heart of Circle of Care, St. Louis, with her wireframe design. Andrea's design provided us with a blueprint to recruit a Wix designer to build a website to show the big impact of a small agency like ours. We are truly grateful for her helping us create a welcoming website for all who visit and show the impact of our work,” says Yolanda, Executive Director.

The GSTLMO partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and community-focused action. By working together, we foster positive change and transformation in our community. One million in donated services is just the beginning. We invite you to stay tuned for more remarkable stories of impact from our dedicated partners and their grantees.

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