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Celebrating volunteer impact in the Midwest


There's a reason the Midwest is called the Heartland — it’s where the heart of the country beats – and nonprofits are like a pacemaker keeping it going. But much like a heart, nonprofits face many stressors, like capacity and funding constraints. The reality is that nonprofit staff are burned out and overextended, trying their best to allocate time and resources to all of the projects on their plate.

Volunteers on Catchafire provide virtual, pro bono support, as nonprofits receive access to a network of highly skilled professionals from around the world. This saves nonprofits time and resources, allowing them to focus fully on their mission. Thanks to our partners in the Midwest like Chicago Community Trust, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and Greater St. Louis & Missouri Capacity Building Network, we’re proud to celebrate our volunteers and these impact stories from the Midwest.



Chicago, Illinois

Cause: Youth Development

Foundation Partner: Chicago Community Trust

BUILD (Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development) is one of Chicago's leading gang intervention, violence prevention, and youth development organizations. Their mission is to engage at-risk youth in schools and on the streets to help them realize their potential and contribute to their communities. BUILD focuses on hard-to-serve youth in some of Chicago's most challenging neighborhoods. The organization has saved $16,822 by working with volunteers on Catchafire.

BUILD worked with Paige on developing a content management system (CMS)-based website, refreshing the design layout, and updating the browser functionality. This allows them to easily manage and update their site content, spread awareness of their mission, and connect with donors. Through Paige’s pro bono work, BUILD was able to focus their funding on their community violence intervention programming and keeping youth safe.


“Paige was a joy to work with and our team appreciated her hard work, valuable creative insight, keen intelligence, and problem solving skills that surely made her a valuable member of the team. Her professionalism and dedication to our website project are to be commended. Thank you, Paige!”
Ariana I., Volunteer Coordinator





St. Louis, Missouri

Causes: Human Services, Diversity & Inclusion, Civil Rights

Funding Partner: Greater St. Louis & Missouri Capacity Building Network

Paraquad champions equity and independence for people with disabilities through services, partnerships, education, and advocacy. They envision an integrated society free of barriers and discrimination where disability is viewed as a natural part of human diversity. Since signing up with Catchafire in February 2022, Paraquad has already saved $17,586 on six projects by working with volunteers.

Paraquad worked with Marjorie on a branded digital assets project, resulting in compelling graphics and business cards geared towards increasing community awareness, engagement, and fundraising efforts. The funds saved by working with Marjorie will allow Paraquad to provide employment services to people with disabilities.


“Marjorie was amazing! She provided great designs, amazing follow up, and made our first experience working with a Catchafire volunteer so easy!”

Sarah D., Marketing and PR Manager





Historic Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cause: Arts & Culture

Foundation Partner: Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Historic Milwaukee is dedicated to increasing awareness of and appreciation of Milwaukee's history and architecture through educational programming. They saved $4,212 on their first project, working with Sabiq on a brochure graphic design project.

The project savings allows Historic Milwaukee to focus on their mission and continue to offer programming that will educate visitors about Milwaukee's history, architecture, and neighborhoods.

“Sabiq was great to work with, we would highly recommend their graphic design services! Sabiq was able to take our copy and images and create a professional, fresh, and on brand brochure. Sabiq was open to our edits and direction throughout the process and was really quick to reply. The brochure will help us tell the story of the program moving forward.”

Grace F., Events Director





Volunteer Spotlight

One of our top contributing volunteers in the Midwest is Jack, an exceptional problem solver from Wheaton, Illinois, with a background in project management, coaching, and mentoring.

Jack joined Catchafire as a volunteer for his first project in 2018. Since then, he has worked on 93 projects, saving nonprofits close to $500,000 in expenses!




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