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Going beyond the grant

In 2016, The Tower Foundation conducted a community survey revealing that 95% of respondents considered capacity building work critically important, but faced limitations in funding and staff resources.

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The Tower Foundation partnered with Catchafire in 2019 to focus on capacity building, extend the reach of their grant dollars, and diversify their support to nonprofits.

When we first learned of Catchafire, we were intrigued by the possibility of reaching a larger number of organizations critical to the Foundation’s mission with some degree of capacity building support while simultaneously tapping the potential of pro bono volunteer talent from around the world. This was particularly compelling to us for organizations where access to affordable, high-quality consultants 
is limited.

Megan MacDavey
Program Officer
The Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation


Our approach

Through access to Catchafire, the Foundation has expanded its support to past and present grant partners across a variety of budget sizes and cause areas.
Since the start of their partnership, the Foundation has seen close to three times its return on investment and counting! With their collaborative support, Catchafire has launched a coalition in Western NY and expanded access to nonprofits in the region. We are excited to dive deeper into their existing nonprofit cohort to build engagement and invite new organizations.

All-time impact

nonprofit value created
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Top nonprofit needs

  1. Translation
  2. Tech systems
  3. Organizational strategy

We have engaged Catchafire in many projects over the course of time that we have had the Tower Sponsorship. It has helped us in so many areas that are too many to name. I refer colleagues to Catchafire and share the ongoing value that we receive from this invaluable resource! 

Barbara J.W.
Family Continuity


About the Foundation

The Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation is a family foundation that supports and collaborates with nonprofits and community partners that share their mission of helping children, adolescents, and young people affected by intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, learning disabilities, and substance 
use disorders.

Their giving is focused in Western New York and Eastern Massachusetts.

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