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Building community impact in Minnesota

Started in Saint Paul in 1940, The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation (SPMF) is a statewide initiative that serves all of Minnesota’s communities.

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Each year, the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation makes over 8,500 grants to nonprofits across the state, investing in equitable and community-led solutions.

Our partnership

Five years ago, The St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation developed a partnership with Catchafire as a way to scale their existing capacity program and provide resources beyond the grant for nonprofits across the state.

By partnering with Catchafire, the Foundation offered a way for Minnesota nonprofits to gain capacity building support and resources year-round, at no cost to them.

St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation gifted Catchafire to us at just the right time. In particular, I’m so grateful for the Executive Director support group because they have absolutely been a lifeline for me.”

Rebecca L.
Executive Director
Telling Queer History


Top nonprofit needs

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  3. Finance

Our approach

Catchafire’s resources go beyond providing volunteers and project support; we also offer coaching, monthly trainings, and leadership development for nonprofit leaders. Two of the Foundation’s grantees are in our executive director support group, where nonprofit leadership meets biweekly to connect and network. During sessions, attendees build a space where they can share learnings, strengths, and challenges, leading to peer to peer learning and collaboration.

All-time impact

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It’s an incredible program that allows nonprofits to say I need help…We sponsor over 330 nonprofits as an active cohort just for this year. They’ve given over 20,000 hours of value to nonprofits and expertise that they would otherwise have to outsource. In dollars, that's saved more than four million dollars for these nonprofits to achieve things that they never would have imagined budgeting for at a level that brings national expertise to solve Minnesota’s needs.

Eric Jolly, Ph.D.
President and CEO
The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation


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