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A data-driven approach with San Francisco government

San Francisco is home to over 6,500 nonprofits delivering critical resources to support underserved populations in the Bay Area. 

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Since 2019, we’ve partnered with the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) to forge a stronger connection between the government and their local nonprofits.

Our approach

Catchafire’s partnership with OEWD became critical with the onset of the pandemic and need for recovery. By providing capacity building support to nonprofits, we can more equitably resource communities and strengthen the public sector in San Francisco. 

Catchafire’s robust reporting provides us with specific, actionable information we can use to better serve nonprofits and communities in the Bay Area. Receiving metrics around how nonprofits use Catchafire, paired with an understanding of their focus and service to San Francisco’s low-income and historically underserved communities, helps us to shape a holistic approach to organizational health and development.”

Lex Leifheit
Senior Business Development Manager
San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development 


This levels the playing field in San Francisco–89% of nonprofits using Catchafire have a budget size of less than $5 million annually, and 78% have a staff size of less than 25 people. Since the program’s start, we’ve seen nearly five times the return on investment. To date, volunteers on Catchafire have created over $2.1 million in value and supported 105 nonprofits. 

All-time impact

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Top nonprofit needs

  1. Website
  2. Tech systems
  3. Organizational strategy

Our organization has benefitted from the expertise of volunteers who have helped us execute projects that improve our ability to deliver services to our families. Children and families directly benefit from greater access to information about our program, including easier access to our bilingual application and, in turn, more equitable access to service.

Christina Maluenda Marchiel
Mission Kids 


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