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Going beyond the grant in Philadelphia

As a civic leader in Greater Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Foundation wanted to invest in volunteerism as a method of capacity support. 

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The Philadelphia Foundation wanted to create an open access model that would provide capacity support not just to grantees, but to nonprofits throughout Philadelphia who have been declined from grants.

Our approach

In 2016, The Philadelphia Foundation partnered with Catchafire to develop the Key Skills Hub program, a centralized marketplace for volunteering. With the open access model, the Foundation extended their reach to over 300 
local nonprofits. 

We were able to connect virtually with dynamic people who had the willingness to help and expertise to meet our unique needs. We actually have built relationships with volunteers who have joined our board and collective team.”

Chiwishi A.
Founder and Executive Director


Our impact

The Philadelphia Foundation aims to enhance quality of life and accelerate positive change in the Greater Philadelphia region by encouraging collaboration among the region's nonprofits, businesses, and residents. 

All-time impact

nonprofit value created
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Top nonprofit needs

  1. Translation
  2. Tech systems
  3. Organizational strategy

Last year, the Foundation had nearly five times its return on investment (ROI).

By working with volunteers on critical projects, their most engaged grantees have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in nonprofit value created.

As we embark on the seventh year of our partnership, we’re excited to grow the Foundation’s grantees and accelerate community impact in Philadelphia. 

The Catchafire partnership broadens the number and types of nonprofits that can access high-quality consulting support, as well as the types of expertise that can be made available to nonprofits. Whatever a nonprofit’s mission may be, the services these experts provide can strengthen that organization and allow it to better serve the residents of our community.

Pedro Ramos
President and CEO
The Philadelphia Foundation


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