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Supporting grassroots causes

The Grove Foundation practices trust-based philanthropy, and envisions a world in which all people have the resources, respect and sense of belonging to live and contribute fully as themselves, in safety, and with joy. 

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Grove Foundation empowers community voices by facilitating access to resources on Catchafire.

Catchafire has become an integral component of the Foundation's spend-down strategy, providing nonprofit partners with additional support to address their real-time needs and long-term sustainability. 

We’ve been using Catchafire since 2019, and as we’re doing the work, we identify the gaps. Catchafire has been really crucial in helping us fill those gaps.

Araceli V.
Sr. Communications & Marketing Manager
One Arizona


Catchafire supports Grove with additional features such as the board recruitment tool and executing a rapid-fire event for foundation-wide giving back to nonprofits. The success on the platform is attributed to the robust relationships forged between Grove and their nonprofit partners.

The partnership between Grove and Catchafire underscores the undeniable impact of grassroots organizations in local communities. These organizations often operate with limited staff and resources. They use Catchafire to enhance their operations and accelerate their impact.

As the seventh year of our partnership unfolds, we look forward to further supporting the Foundation's spend-down strategy, fostering increased nonprofit engagement and sustainability.


Our impact

With Catchafire, Grove sought to extend support to their nonprofit partners beyond financial assistance, especially as a spend-down foundation.

Top nonprofit needs

  1. Organizational strategy
  2. Translation
  3. Website

Volunteers on Catchafire have generated over $2.4 million in nonprofit value for Grove’s nonprofit partners, with a return on investment that has increased from 1.6x to nearly 7x to date.

Catchafire is a really great asset to our organizational effectiveness program. It is aligned with our commitment to trust-based philanthropy, allowing nonprofit partners the flexibility to decide what projects they want to work on and when.

Blanch Vance
Senior Manager of Grants and Strategic Operations
The Grove Foundation


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