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Centering on racial equity in Charlottesville

The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) found that their community and grant partners needed capacity building resources.

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This inspired Charlottesville Area Community Foundation's long standing partnership with Catchafire, and in its first year, the partnership led to fourteen times return on investment.

Our approach

In the wake of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement and the pandemic, the Foundation moved to center their grantmaking around equity. They make sure that nonprofits led by people of color have equitable access to the resources needed to properly serve their communities.

Nonprofits are utilizing Catchafire’s on-demand capacity building support to address their immediate needs, while creating organizational sustainability for years to come. 

Catchafire has expanded our skills and capacity. We have worked hard to recruit staff that better represent the diverse youth and families we engage, and offering the additional support of Catchafire has been great professional development as a bonus! We had the wife of a Catchafire consultant join our board (she learned about us via her husband’s work with us on Catchafire).

Tina LaRoche
Executive Director
Camp Holiday Trails


Our impact

In February 2023, the Community Foundation staff added a full-time community manager from Catchafire. A local resident, this individual is dedicated to supporting grantees with platform success through the completion of their projects through a variety of personalized outreach, one on one meetings with nonprofits, and in-person networking events. 

Since adding the community manager to their program, the Community Foundation has seen 3x its ROI and double the matches.

All-time impact

nonprofit value created
matches between nonprofits and volunteers
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Top nonprofit needs

  1. Translation
  2. Transcription
  3. Website

This was an experiment at a pilot for the foundation in that first year. We invested $150,000 and that money has saved nonprofits in our region over $2 million. So it’s really been impactful. We’re so thrilled to be able to launch for a second year.

Brennan Gould
President and CEO
Charlottesville Area Community Foundation 


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