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Elevating the Jewish community in Australia

Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) is a member-based organization that inspires members to strengthen the Jewish community and beyond, at the individual and collective levels through educational engagement opportunities, events, and programming across Australia.

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Our partnership

In 2021, AJF partnered with Catchafire to provide resources for organizations in their Launchpad Leadership Group. 

Access to Catchafire has been a game changer for us. The access to highly skilled volunteers has enabled us to implement changes we could only dream about.

Liora Miller
Managing Editor
Jewish Women of Words


The CEO reached out to Catchafire for a free membership for their organization. With the goal of transforming the for-purpose Jewish sector by providing essential capacity building support, AJF was able to fundraise from groups like The Erdi Fund and Besen Family Foundation to support this program. 

Our impact

Over three years, volunteers on Catchafire have created nearly $3 million in value for AJF’s grantees. AJF has a Catchafire advocate on staff to host workshops that drive platform use and project completion.

All-time impact

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Top nonprofit needs

  1. Video editing
  2. Website
  3. Graphic design support

In the year ahead and on the new active user model, AJF is working to expand their cohort to encompass those beyond the Jewish for-purpose sector in Australia.

It’s not money saved, it’s actually value given to the organizations. Realistically, most organizations don’t have the budgets for most of the programs on offer at Catchafire. The professional and personal development we see in the organizations that use the platform, it’s all about the incredible growth that comes with it.

Tracie Olcha
Australian Jewish Funders


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