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Black History Month volunteer opportunities


This Black History Month, we celebrate the nonprofit leaders who are dedicated to creating a more equitable, just, and loving world — with a special focus on those serving, leading, and empowering Black communities. We celebrate their individual leadership, their commitment to excellence, and their far-reaching impact on people and communities worldwide.

We are proud to share stories, resources, and volunteer opportunities that recognize past and present changemakers, with an understanding that the issues addressed by Black-led nonprofits today are the issues that have needed investment and attention for decades – issues like Black maternal health, access to education, underemployment, prison reform, and social justice.

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Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association

Cause: Black Maternal Health

While it’s clear there’s been a longstanding disparity in health support for Black women, there are only a handful of individuals making real change in Black maternal health. One of those changemakers is Kiddada Green, the Executive Director of Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association. BMBFA strives to reduce racial inequities in breastfeeding support for Black families by providing a combination of direct service support to mothers, parental training and education, and advocacy programming to shape public policy.

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Black Women Stitch

Cause: Black Liberation, Radical Self Love, and Social Justice

Black designers and creatives have faced ongoing racism in the beauty and fashion industry – but founder of Black Women Stitch, Lisa Woolfork, brings Black women, girls, and femmes together through sewing. Her podcast, Stitch Please, celebrates and supports Black women around the world by addressing topics around sewing, White supremacy, and social justice.

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Cause: Prison Reform

Incarceration and reentry into society is an ongoing social justice issue, impacting access to a suite of services such as housing, employment, and healthcare. That’s why Briane Cornish founded finEQUITY– to help those who have been affected by incarceration with their reentry and to build their financial security through education, credit, and access to safe financial products.

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Generation NOW

Cause: Youth Development

Equity = access. With access to educational and professional opportunities, young professionals have the resources to thrive in both the classroom and the workplace. Founder Renika J. Smiley launched Generation NOW to build a diverse and inclusive workforce for young professionals. Generation NOW provides professional development, training, job placement, and leadership and mentorship opportunities through networking.

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We Will All Rise

Cause: Systems of Oppression and Inequality

White supremacy has generated severe social, economic, and institutional barriers for the Black community – We Will All Rise aims to educate, elevate, and empower the community to surmount these barriers. Led by President & CEO, Ricardo Neal, We Will All Rise helps provide higher education mentorship and support, economic empowerment through workforce development and financial management, and community engagement opportunities.

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