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6 nonprofits to support on Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day, a celebration of affection and appreciation, is traditionally marked by the giving of gifts and intimate dinners. However, the essence of the day – love – extends far beyond romantic relationships. It encompasses compassion, kindness, and generosity; virtues that can be expressed through charitable acts.

This Valentine's Day, let's redirect the focus from commercialism to community spirit, and what better way to do so than by partnering with nonprofits? Together, we can transform our compassion into meaningful action, nurturing love in its broadest sense.

Join us in a movement that transcends romantic dinners. We’ve rolled out a new feature on our platform: you now have the ability to donate to the nonprofit of your choice. Any donation, big or small, is an act of love that resonates deeply within our community. Share the love with nonprofits supporting youth, gender equity and girls’ rights, and animals – all in honor of the loved ones in your life.

Donate this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day symbolizes more than just romantic love; it's a day of heartfelt giving. Donating to a nonprofit can channel that warmth towards broad societal impact.

Celebrate the holiday by choosing to support a nonprofit, thus ensuring your Valentine's Day is memorable not just for you, but for the lives you touch. Your actions of kindness are what make the community stronger and the fabric of our society richer.

Nonprofits work throughout the year to provide critical services and support. By choosing to donate during Valentine's Day, you're not just supporting their missions—you're becoming a part of them. Here's how your gestures of love can contribute to a greater good:

  • Relate your Valentine's celebrations with the missions of these nonprofits, fostering love and support for their causes.
  • Your donation can spark hope and bring a tangible difference to someone's life, embodying the love that Valentine's Day represents.
  • Share the love with these organizations, reminding them that their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.

By extending our Valentine's Day celebrations to include these nonprofits, we ignite a chain reaction of kindness that benefits numerous lives.

Here are some donation ideas – spread all kinds of love by donating to these six nonprofits.

1. Leah Willis Dance Arts


Cause Area: Youth development
Donate | Volunteer

Their mission is to positively impact the community for families of color, as well as families from a multitude of cultural backgrounds through diverse exposure to the world of Dance in 7 different dance disciplines, and by functionally combining academic learning, career/life skills competency, nutritional research and wellness practices, and service learning.

Their programs rectify three major issues:

  • Reverse the school dropout rates among teens and remedy learning disabilities/deficiencies
  • Eliminate childhood and adolescent obesity through Agricultural/Nutritional Research and Entrepreneurial Self Sufficiency
  • Provide jobs and internships to high school youth, college students and adults

2. Girl Now Woman Later


Cause Area: Gender equity and justice
Donate | Volunteer

Girl Now, Woman Later, Inc. provides menstrual education and increases competency for middle and high school girls in Burkina Faso so they can graduate and become emancipated women. Girls Now Woman Later is making it possible for girls in Burkina Faso to not skip on life but live to their fullest potential!

3. Dog Star Rescue


Cause Area: Animals
Donate | Volunteer

Dog Star Rescue's mission is to save stray, abandoned, shelter, and owner surrender dogs of all breeds and ages by placing them in qualified, caring, lifelong homes. The ultimate goal of DSR is to develop a network of united supporters to transform as many unwanted dogs as possible into companion pets in appropriate homes.

4. Holistic Kids Foundation


Cause Area: Health and nutrition
Donate | Volunteer

The purpose of the Foundation is to help and raise awareness through alternative and natural activities (all personalized), seminars, talks, which promote: personal growth, physical and emotional support, social integration, tolerance, a different style of healthy life and nutrition, promote volunteering and the protection of human rights.

5. Hope Gain Center of West Michigan


Cause Area: Community and economic development
Donate | Volunteer

The organization's mission is to increase the ability of those who live with mental illness to get and keep long-lasting careers by connecting them with legitimate remote opportunities. They do this through community engagement opportunities, workshops, training, and a remote career database.

6. The Miracle Foundation


Cause Area: Human services
Donate | Volunteer

The Miracle Foundation is an international nonprofit that helps orphans and foster children find a safe, stable, and permanent family. Whether in an orphanage or in the Foster Care System, their vision is a family for every child in our lifetime.

Give nonprofits a little Valentine’s Day love

Passionate about a different cause area or mission? Explore and donate to the nonprofit you care about. Acts of love come in many forms, and your donations act as affirmations of care that ripple throughout the community. Your donation will make an impact that extends beyond Valentine's Day.

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